This Week I’m Drinking: Whole Rose Bud Tea


Thanks to its many benefits, this week I’m drinking Whole Rose Bud Tea like there’s no tomorrow.

Holy crap, it is cold! I don’t remember the last time I saw snow in December, I’m not complaining I love it, but I was starting to forget what numb fingers felt like. I even bought new jeans this week, significant why? Because they didn’t have ripped knees! Even my bloody knees are screaming to be covered these days. Another thing I don’t remember, jeans that weren’t ripped.
I’m cold. But I refuse to get A Cold, flat out refuse. So this week I’m drinking Whole Rose Bud Tea, keep reading to find out why…


Cold season is well and truly upon us! If it hasn’t reached you yet you’re one of the lucky ones, but still, it’s best to be prepared and Rose buds hold a lot of vitamin C, I mean, a lot, making it the perfect tea now that we’ve hit the colder months. If an instant immune boost is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it.
It’s so easy to get swallowed up by the things we promise ourselves won’t stress us out at this time of year, each year. The holiday shopping, the kids home from school, the flu that’s making the rounds at work… If any of this sounds like you (and it could just be me, but if it isn’t…) then this is another reason to drink Rose Bud tea. These tiny buds are known for their soothing properties, both in the body and mind. So sit back and let the soft, floral aroma relax you from the outside-in while sipping the tea itself allows your nervous system to restore itself back to it’s original calm and centred self.
Winter is a season full of reasons to eat, drink and be merry, it’s unavoidable! So don’t even bother trying! Instead, just make sure your bag, desk drawer, cupboards, are stocked up with Rose Bud tea. These buds are brilliant at helping the body eliminate toxins and cleansing our livers and digestive tracts, meaning it’s a must-have for the morning after festivities. Keep this tea close and your body will never be far from fighting fit.