More than just Tea and Cakes..

What You Need To Know About Our Jasmine Pearls

Cold Season is most definitely upon us, and while it isn’t always possible to dodge every unwanted human contact that meets you while you’re rushing through the city (you know, the cough from behind that hits so hard it wafts your hair or WORSE…the sneeze that hits your hand as your holding onto a Metrolink rail for dear life during rush hour), it is entirely possible to fill your body with the good stuff that helps fight off those pesky encounters.
The good stuff is Tea in this story. Our loose leaf Jasmine Pearls in fact. This pot is maybe my favourite of all Teacups Speciality teas, and every year, as soon as November hits, I’m ditching the coffee and wrapping my hands around a hot pot of these babies instead.
Here’s everything you need to know about why I’m drinking Jasmine Pearls this month…


The scent of jasmine has long been promoted as a mood enhancer and stress buster, so if you’re prone to feeling a little blue during the darker seasons, or if work is hitting it’s busy period, then just inhaling the fragrance alone can help you relax, and drinking the tea can also help to loosen your muscles and joints allowing your body to relax too. Double win.


Jasmine also contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a wonder elixir for soothing pesky throat infections and relieving coughs and colds. Keep topped up to warn off bugs before they hit you!


Jasmine tea boosts the metabolism and aids digestion, so, if you’re looking to detox after a heavy festive night a pot of Jasmine Pearls could be just what you need to release those toxins.


While the aroma of Jasmine tea is one that soothes and calms, unlike some of our teas it does contain caffeine, so if you’re coming to the end of your day, sit back with your brew in hand and simply inhale; if you’re looking for a mid-day pick-me-up that’s a little softer on the palette than your usual espresso then drink away. It’s recommended that pregnant women avoid Jasmine tea, and consult their doctor before practicing any aromatherapy techniques, one to remember!
So, maybe see you for pot later?