Venue Hire: Party at Teacup

It’s that time of year people, parties every night.
Some of them you want to go to, some of them you’d rather not… and some of them, you actually have to organise yourself.
Remember that time you tried to host a garden party and you burnt the food and ran out of drinks and the neighbours gave you crap for 3 months after just because you made a tiny bit of noise?
Yeah, we’ve all have those. And YES, we’d rather avoid them in the future.
So this year, do the right thing, the easy thing,Β and book your event with Teacup!
We legit do it all. Wedding reception in the city, yep, we’re on it; baby shower – with or without the kids πŸ˜‰ and by that we mean with or without alcohol (not you mummy, sorry); kids parties; work functions… I mean, we do it.
And we clean up after even your messiest of guests, we feed them and water them and if need be we’ll even call their taxi.
It isn’t cheating to let someone else do the hard work guys, it’s effing smart.
Check out our HIRE page for more details. You know you really should.Β