Tomorrow is World Egg Day – Check Out The Celebrations!

Have any of you noticed how many weird awareness days there are these days? International Spreadsheet day -snore, Department Store Day – Why? No Bra Day – actually, I’m all for that, no better feeling, am I right? Anyway, one awareness day we are happy to celebrate is World Egg Day, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed, we do love eggs! Eggs, Florentine, Eggs Royale, Eggs Benedict, Poached, Scrambled, Fried, Boiled… All the eggs, all the ways, all day. We’re on it. This year, we’re celebrating a couple of ways, for one we’re going to be sharing our weird and wonderful knowledge of Eggs with you, did you know they’re basically a superfood? We’re also going to be inviting you to vote for your favourite Egg over the weekend as decorated by #TeamTeacup over on our socials – be ruthless, they can handle it! So make sure you visit us over the weekend and if you can’t, get online and get voting for your favourite Egg 😉