Teacups Five Favourite Nutty Desserts

For sure some people just can’t stand ’em but we love a good nut, especially in a cake, especially in the Northern Quarter.

So for ‘Grab Some Nuts Day’ (I know… who knew?) here’s a run down of Teacups Five Favourite Nutty Desserts.
  1. Pistachio & Almond Cake £5.25 We stopped serving this cake a little while and we had to bring it back because it was in such high demand! Understandably, it’s well lush. The Pistachio sponge and Pistachio and almond creme filling is one for fans of a sweeter nut experience and the the green Cream Cheese Frosting topped with fresh Pistachios and Whole Rose Buds make this cake a definite Insta-must.
  2. Peanut-Butter & Cookie Dough Chocolate Brownie £4.75 A Super rich brownie topped with Peanut-Butter and cut cubes of Cookie Dough. Be honest, did you not love every part of that sentence? #Drool The Peanut-Butter and Cookie Dough Chocolate Brownie became a fan favourite the moment we added it to the cake bar, for good reason. It’s sooooo good.
  3. Mocha & Walnut Loaf Cake £3.25 Any coffee addicts out there? Often overlooked as the ‘grown-up’ cake, the Mocha and Walnut Loaf Cake is not one to be missed. Fans of coffee cake will love this chocolatey, deep roast, nutty dessert topped with Walnuts and a Dark Sugar glaze for luxe take on a simple classic.
  4. Carrot & Coconut Cake £4.50 I can’t rave enough about this one, it’s delicious. Everything you’ve come to expect from a Carrot Cake but soooo much more. The dense Carrot and Walnut sponge tastes like Christmas, no matter the weather outside, and the sweet Cream Cheese Frosting topped with toasted Coconut flakes makes for a cake that is both beautiful and perfectly balanced. An absolute must.
  5. Lemon & Courgette Loaf £3.25 Another gem of a Loaf Cake, this is essentially a Lemon Drizzle Cake but unlike your nans (which is no doubt incredible, we’re sure) is baked with ground Almonds, Polenta, grated Courgette and Pistachios to create something really special and whole-heartedly delicious.
So, if you do feel the need to Grab Some Nuts today, you know where to find the best in town and what to expect from Teacups Five Favourite Nutty Desserts. Tag us in your Nutty Cake Pics and let us know which is your favourite. Happy Eating!