TEACUP X MCR Pride 2017

Morning-morning Manchester! Today is Thursday, which means a couple of things- we want throw-backs… we’re thirsty… and that tomorrow is Friday. But not just any Friday, Start-Of-August-Bank-Holiday-Friday. Which also means, the start of Manchester Pride! I know you knew where I was going with that but still, we’re bringing it up because we’re excited! We love Manchester Pride and a few of us will be there making memories and hangovers for sure. But we also want to celebrate the Teacup way which is with cake, obviously. So starting tomorrow you’ll be able to grab yourself a slice of our infamous Rainbow Cake and a glass of Prosecco for a tenner, what’s not to love? So whether you’re nursing a hangover and looking for a little hair of dog, or you don’t have tickets this year but you still want to get in the spirit of it, or you do have tickets and you’re looking for a quiet place to meet up before heading into the madness, get down to Teacup and celebrate with us over a slice of Rainbow cake and a glass of Prosecco. It’s on ice, waiting.