Take-Away Teacup & Other Changes!

Aaargh! There’s so much happening right now! If we weren’t so good at this you might think we’d be frazzled, but such is the Teacup life. You might have noticed a few changes around Teacup in the past week or so (all for the better!) and the weeks ahead will see further changes, let me run you through what’s been happening and what you can expect from us…


I mean, this is nothing unusual. Our classic All Day Brekkies and Brunches aren’t going anywhere, nor are our infamous cakes or our huge Tea collection, so don’t get yourself in a tizz! We have added a lush new collection of seasonal dishes to our specials, which are changing bi-weekly and have been incredibly received by you guys so far – on that note, thanks for all the love! The biggest change to our Menu comes this Monday (2nd October). We’ll be kicking off October with Take-Away Teacup. A concept that will bring you an all-new Express Menu, Monday and Tuesday, encouraging you guys to utilise our Take-Away options on your busiest weekdays. The Bulk of the cafe will be closed to keep Take-Away Teacup streamlined and speedy, but some seating will still be available because we love you. AND to sweeten the deal we’ll also be offering 10% OFF all Food and Drink on Mondays and Tuesdays (alcohol excluded). The Cafe will operate as usual for the rest of the week!


We know you love the cosy life, who doesn’t? And our cake bar has been the thing of dreams for a solid decade! But we’re ripping it out and painting the whole thing black! Naaahhh just yokin’. We decided it was time to freshen up the vibe a bit. Sticking to our signature colour scheme, adding a little more white, and refreshing our menu boards. So nothing too frightening, just little things here and there.


What the?! I know, Apps. I mean it’s 2017, we had to eventually right? And I think we chose the right apps to kickstart digital Teacup. In case you were unaware the official list of Apps you can find us on is: Too Good To Go, which allows you to pick up sweet treats or dishes for a fraction of the cost at the end of each day, which helps with the national food wastage sitch and feeds you, yum-yum; and as of a couple weeks ago, The Dealer. The Dealer App is a newbie and aims to deliver you exclusive discounts and savings while helping out the homeless community in our city. So between the two there are certainly bargains to bag!


We also made it our mission recently to look at our packaging. We were mostly planet-friendly, but we wanted to be 100% on team with the world we live in AND our oceans. So now you when you buy Take-Away at Teacup (On Monday and Tuesdays, say) you’ll find 100% Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging from Vegware. We love this, nothing feels better than doing better!   And that’s all for now, but I think probably enough right?! We’re so excited about these changes and stoked to be rolling them out for you so soon! Don’t hesitate to pop by Monday and Tuesday to test our new Take-Away Teacup and give us your feedback. See you soon!