Supporting UK Coffee Week at Teacup, NQ

It’s UK Coffee Week this week and all over the Northern Quarter we’re seeing signature yellow posters and bunting and we love it! In case you need the update, UK Coffee Week is the celebration of Project Waterfall, the charity that brings fresh, clean water to coffee farming communities across the world. A very worthy cause, and we’re proud to be supporting it again this year! So how can you help us support #UKCW and #ProjectWaterfall? Easy, just keep doing what you’re doing. Every coffee you buy from us will see a 5p donation sent to Project Waterfall, it sounds small, but all the greatest things start small. And if you want to give more, just pop a donation into one of our donation boxes – you’ll spot them dotted around. Alternatively, take advantage of our weekly brownie, the Espresso Cheesecake Brownie, which supports #UKCW and #ProjectWaterfall even further. For real, good deeds have never tasted this good, so get on it. We’re also joining our little sister company The Cafe At The Museum in collecting #UKCWSMILES So pick up one of our UKCW info cards while you’re in and pose with it to feature on our Instagram feed! But make sure you use the hashtag and check in at Teacup Kitchen so that we can find you!