Spa Satori X Forever Manchester

One thing that comes with calling the Northern Quarter our home, is the incredible community that’s forever building around us. It isn’t unusual to find a new shop face or a bar on a corner you’d, just a month ago, dismissed (another taco joint?! We’ll pass.)

But Teacup has been here for a decade now, and we don’t plan on leaving. Likewise, just around the corner, our friends over at Spa Satori have been our neighbours for all of that time and Forever Manchester, the local charity, has been helping to fund incredible projects for 27 years! So when we were asked to join our neighbours in celebrating their Birthday whilst raising funds, we figured the least we could do was bring the cake! If you haven’t visited this hidden gem yet, we highly recommend that you do, we sent two of our girls down to Spa Satori to pamper, party and donate, and they came back to us with the ultimate glow that only comes with combining good deeds with an evening of prosecco and beauty treatments. All in all, a really inspiring evening. When neighbouring business can come together to help and celebrate one another, amazing things happen and we’re proud to be a part of that. For more info on how you can help Forever Manchester do even more good in our local communities, head to their site. And for a little TLC, see Spa Satori. You won’t regret either.