Teacup Gift Vouchers are here, and they’ll make the perfect gifts this Christmas!

It’s Christmaaaasss (nearly!) And it’s getting to that really tricky time where we start to panic about all the gifts left to pick up and whether we have enough wrapping paper… little things, but big stresses for some reason. I tell myself I won’t fall in to the trap of frantically worrying every single year! But I do anyway. And I don’t like myself for it! We don’t want the same fate for you though, so we’ve ordered fresh new books of Gift Vouchers, yeeyyy!
You can now purchase Teacup Gift Vouchers for all your favourite people, in quantities of £6 or £10 and for both our Traditional and Sparkling Afternoon Teas, so whether you have a work colleague that’s obsessed with our cakes or a bestie in need of a little pampering we’ve got a Gift Voucher for your recipient (and budget, because lets be frank, its December and we’re all broke).
If you’d like to purchase a Gift Voucher this December, head to Teacup, NQ and ask your server!