More than just Tea and Cakes..

New Food Drop!

Our new menu dropped today and it is insane.  Teacup regulars will be used to a pretty sizey menu, this time we’ve condensed it down to the favourites and of course, added some new dishes that you’re going to completely fall in love with. Last night, our chefs hosted a taster session for the entire team, we obviously filled our boots and there may have been a couple of elbow digs to get to the last bites, but on the whole it was a pretty chill evening and we got to know all the dishes that much better. Favourites? The wild Spiced Mussels were taken down in a way I have never seen food go before, and the Chicken Wings, well, we had no shame getting messy with those wee bad boys. The Teacup Vegeree was one of the fave veggie rice options and doubles up as breakfast and the Morocccan Lamb and Chorizo Hash… You can see where I’m going with this, I won’t list out the entire menu but it really is that good. The new menu is available to order from today! So find a seat and eat. Let us know what you think of our new dishes #TEACUPMCR