Our Chefs have pulled a blinder with this one! While the weather gets colder, the food gets warmer and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Pulling in classics like sweet vanilla Rice Pudding with a Damson Compote made from George’s own foraged treasure trove, which in the hours since the menu has been live has received so much love! And Whelsh Rarebit with the added options of bacon and black pud (because you almost always have to if you can!), Lancashire Hot Pot and Bangers and Mash…Also staff faves.
My personal favourite has to be the Whitby Smoked Kippers though. Served with Samphire and Spinach and drizzled with Mustard Butter atop toasted Sourdough. To me this is autumn evenings eating outdoors with the family, cooking kippers over a fire – which granted, isn’t likely most people experience of eating kippers! But this menu is packed full of nostalgia, and what else is this season about if not pulling out and dusting off traditions?
So we’re sticking with the old favourites for sure. You’re going to love them!