Girlfriends Day… It’s a Thing, & We’re On It.

You can pretty much celebrate anything these days, as long as you put the word ‘day’ after it, you’re golden. We laugh about it way too often in here, but there are a few things we’re happy to play along with, like Girlfriends day for example, which supposedly is a real thing (I am both types of GF and have never heard of it, either the people in my life have been conspiring and I’m owed a truck load of gifts or nobody else has heard of it either. None the less…) and supposedly takes place on August 1st.

Well, we’re all for showing our girlfriends some love, both the romantic ones and the bestie ones, because where would we be without them? Drinking alone somewhere with bad hair and a list of bad life decisions all ticked off is where. SO, in the spirit of showing our best girls and ourselves – ’cause damn it, we’re good girlfriends too – we’re challenging you to set aside an hour or two for your girl/s to show your appreciation, laugh about the bad times and plan some more good times with an old school tea party and maybe some cheeky Prosecco.

Check out our menu of Afternoon Tea options and make a date.