Girl Power Pumpkins Stencils, Because, Why Not?!

Happy Halloween Babes!

I’m not going to be cool about it, I get so excited for Halloween!! Two exclamation points excited. I have my pumpkins, an assortment of spice scented candles, all my favourite Hammer Horrors ready to go, a cauldron full of sugar for the kids (sorry neighbour parents!) and a giant slinky spider hung outside my front door – for effing real, I’m that basic!
Anyway, in my utter excitement, and knowing I’d need something to come down with after our #NQHalloweenHunt (which was incredible by the way!) I spent the first week of October designing Pumpkin Carving Stencils. New level basic, I know, I’m okay with it.
We normally try to stay out of politics because there are so many people here with varying views, we figure, best to just let it be and live in peace, BUT, that said, there are a lot of incredible females here at Teacup, and one thing both the men and women can agree on is that we are in no way short of Girl Power (or Ghoul Power, if you’ll allow me the indulgence ;)).
So why not make a statement? We don’t do it every day, and hells, the Witching Hour is upon us after all. So get printing, carve your little heart out – not literally – and support your local Ghoul Gang with a feminist pumpkin! Yeeaahh! Don’t forget to post your pumpkin pics and tag us @teacupandcakes …
TC Pumpkin Stencil – Not your Witch
TC Pumpkin stencil – Restin Witch Face
TC Pumpkin Stencil -Basic Witch
TC Pumpkin Stencil -witches belong by the coven
TC Pumpkin Stencil – Ghoul Squad