Get Gifting With Teacup!

‘Tis the season after all! Get gifting with Teacup this Christmas; we’re working to bring you everything you need to perfectly gift your Teacup loving besties.

A couple of years ago when a very good friend of mine moved to London (boo!) it didn’t take long before the texts started rolling in, telling me how much she was missing Manchester, and in particular the Northern Quarter, and Teacups Carrot Cake and Whole Rose Bud Tea – nothing really compares, does it?
So, sending Carrot Cake in the post, wasn’t ever going to be a thing, unfortunately, but I could certainly send tea. So I did. I’d buy a ‘pot’ of tea, minus the pot and water. Put the whole Rose Buds in a little brown envelope and send them off, Sound Of Music style, in a box with brown paper packaging, tied up with string. But I wasn’t expecting her to be as in love with the little parcels as she was. She was so grateful because as you know, Teacup is only found at home in Manchester.
Anyway, she promptly returned, the tea made her so nostalgic that she couldn’t resist hopping on a train back up here to eat more Carrot Cake with me.
Why am I rambling about tea parcels though?
Well, we’re lucky to have so many visitors from all over the country and even further here at Teacup, and it was thinking about my old London lovely that made me think, all you guys should be getting a piece of Teacup in brown paper packaging, tied up with string this Christmas. There’s something to be said for opening your favourite thing in your own home, or unpacking a reminder of the inside joke you shared that time.
With that in mind, we’re bringing Gifting to Teacup this Christmas, and soon you’ll be able to purchase Teacup Tote Bags, Speciality Tea Baubles and Gift Vouchers on site, at prices perfect for the Secret Santas among you.
Keep your eyes on your inboxes and socials for sneak peeks and sale dates!