DISH OF THE WEEK: Warm Falafel Focaccia

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard by now because we haven’t stopped shouting about it buuuutt… our Autumn Menu is here and we’ll be offering up some pretty sexy specials as the season rolls on.
I know what you’re thinking… ‘ain’t nothin’ sexy ’bout falafel.’
Well, pal, you’re wrong there. This is no ordinary falafel, this is Georges falafel and if you’ve already visited our site over at the Manchester Museum you might have noted how popular this particular falafel is on our salad counter. It is packed with good stuff, and if I may be so bold, no man mixes herbs quite like an Irish man (talking about George again).
Add to this magical falafel our house Carrot Tepenade and Harrisa Hummus and you’re on to a winner. Did we mention the Focaccia itself? Erm… it’s BIG and baked with cherry tomatoes for something extra spesh.
Anyway, get in here and get eating it before it’s gone. Don’t be crying if you miss it!