Where’s the Bunny Honey? Teacup’s Easter Challenge

THE BUNNY CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED Big thanks to the following businesses for hosting the challenge and being all-round good eggs: Fred AldousOi PolloiSpa Satori | Lee Page Hanson Ceramics | Colette Hazelwood Jewellery | Bonbon Chocolate Boutique | MARC The Printers To celebrate Easter, we’re holding a special treasure hunt with Easter prizes. We’ve  hidden white rabbits across the Northern Quarter in an Easter Bunny Challenge. Follow the clues and find a white rabbit to win a special Easter Cream Tea for Two at Teacup. Keep your eyes peeled for clues as we hint at the bunnies’ whereabouts, and be the first to find a bunny to win a special Easter treat for two. HOW TO PLAY:Download our app or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook to follow the clues. – Teacup will be posting clues from Wednesday 20th March to Friday 29th March. – Follow the clues to find a bunny. – If you are lucky enough to find a bunny, bring it with you to Teacup (or give them a call on 0161 832 3233) and tell them the secret password hidden with your bunny. – Speak to Teacup to arrange a time to come in for your special Easter Cream Tea (before Easter Monday 1st April). RULES: – Whoever finds each bunny first wins. – Prizes are to be arranged with Teacup. Winners must contact Teacup with the password and arrange a time to enjoy their Easter Cream Tea. – Prizes must be enjoyed by Easter Monday 1st April unless otherwise agreed with Teacup.

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