Where there is TEA there is hope.


*Sold by the pot

TEACUPS NQ BREW Indian Assam black tea, strong and malty. £3.50

ASSAM SECOND FLUSH Sweeter, full bodied Assam, best enjoyed without milk. £4.20

BEIJING BREAKFAST Caramel oat-like sweetness, best enjoyed without milk. £4.50

DARJEELING SECOND FLUSH ‘Champagne of teas’ with subtle honey, muscatel flavours. £4.20

TIPPY EARL GREY Black tea with bergamot, blue cornflowers, full bodied. £4.20

SUNSHINE EARL GREY Black tea with bursts of grapefruit and exotic flowers. £4.20

IMPERIAL EARL GREY Medium bodies with a hint of citrus. Smooth and subtle. £4.20

ROSEY GREY Ceylon black tea, elegant and floral with rose petals. £4.20

DARJEELING EARL GREY Traditional Darjeeling flavours scented with oil of bergamot. £4.90

INDIAN CHAI Sweet aromatic chai spices, traditionally drank to cleanse the body. £4.20

JADE TIP GREEN TEA Boost alertness and help digestion whilst enjoying a fresh and sweet green tea. £4.20

WHOLE ROSE BUD Clears toxins from the body and lifts your mood. Sweet and floral. £4.50

JASMINE PEARLS Aromatic green tea packed full of antioxidants. £4.90

WHITE PEONY Succulent sweet tea from china, high in antioxidants and boosts rehydration. £4.50

ORGANIC ROOIBOS Herbel super grade tea with a mild and earthy sweet taste. £4.20

ORGANIC CHAMOMILE FLOWERS Light sweet apple taste. Cleanses the liver and boosts the immune system. £4.20

WHOLE PEPPERMINT LEAF Striking and strong mint, fresh and brisk. Also helps your respiration. £4.30

RED LYCHEE Sweetest black tea from china. Aromatic and full of sweet lychee flavours. £4.20

VANILLA CACAO Rich blend of Indian Assam and Chinese Yunnan tea. Cocoa nibs and Madagascar vanilla flavours. £4.50

HIBISCUS FLOWERS Fruity berry flavours when sweetened with honey. High in Vitamins. £4.20