CHORIZO HASH Chorizo with sautéed potatoes, fried eggs and aioli. £7.25

MACARONI CHEESE (V) Macaroni in cheddar cheese with a garlic and parsley crumb. £7.50

CHICKEN & BACON CIABATTA Chicken, Bacon and Avocado with house-made slaw. £8.50 + Chips £1.50

CORN BREADED CHICKEN FLATBREAD Corn breaded chicken breast, sauteed peppers and onion on warm flatbread. £8.00 + Chips £1.50

ASPARAGUS & HALLOUMI FLATBREAD (V) Chargrilled asparagus with halloumi and red onion chutney. £7.00 + Chips £1.50

SPICED CAULIFLOWER SALAD (VG/DF) Spiced cauliflower with quinoa, spinach, kale, edamame beans, pomegranate and lemon dressing. £7.50 + Haloumi (V) £2.00 + Chicken £2.00

TEACUP SCOTCH EGG & HOUSE MADE PICCALILLI Soft boiled egg wrapped in pork and breadcrumbs served with our own piccalilli. £5.00

BBQ & SESAME SEED CHICKEN WINGS Buffalo wings coated with our in house BBQ sauce and sesame seeds. £6.00

TEACUP CAESER SALAD Chicken in garlic aioli with romaine lettuce, anchovies, croutons, crispy egg and parmesan. £7.00

SOUP OF THE DAY (V/VG) Teacups home-made vegetable soup served with either bloomer or rye. *Ask your server for todays soup. £5.00

4Oz SIRLOIN STEAK & CHIMICHURRI SAUCE 4oz Sirloin steak served with our house-made chimichurri. £7.50

MOROCCAN HARISSA LAMB & SAUTEED POTATOES Slow braised spiced lamb shoulder with sauteed potatoes. £6.50

TEACUP FRIES Served with Aioli £2.00

SWEET POTATO FRIES Served with Aioli £2.00